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Law Office of Erin R. L. McKinley

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Ms. McKinley was an excellent asset in helping me navigate thru the family law court system. She is knowledgeable and was always very helpful in answering any question that I had. She is very flexible with her time, and is very accessible thru any means of communication, for example, phone calls, email, and texting. I would highly recommend Ms. McKinley as a family law attorney, and will definitely being using her in the future.

L. A.

I contacted Erin after I had filed for divorce in search of someone to help me through all this divorce and Child custody because the lingo was getting too hard to understand. I called tons of lawyers, my case was a little complicated since the court was in a different county. I decided to go with Erin because even through the beginning process before I officially hired her she was willing to work with me and help me understand things. I was a newly single mom and scared to my witts. I tell you what though, she sits their quietly letting other lawyers think she's ignorant because she's younger, but when she starts talking and fighting for you- she surprised everyone I think. I've always felt some comfortable knowing shes by my side through this whole thing. She works with me when I'm broke, she works with my schedule, she works to make sure my son is safe, she just works so purely for the children when it's a child custody case. It's so refreshing to see that kind of heart is out there. I won't even let her go now that the case is over. So I'm going to keep her in my court just in case something else pops up. She is not just a wonderful lawyer, but shes a wonderful person.

C. M.